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Using easy to understand technology, you can learn at a pace that suits you, in your own home, online.



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Beacon Live Is Live!

We are very excited to be offering a wide range of education content for the public. Initially, we will be focusing our efforts on useful, actionable information around Computer Education, Finance, Personal Empowerment Associations, Legal Matters, Healthcare and the ins and outs of Publishing.

As our content grows, we hope to expand our range of topics, but for now we will stay true to the maxim focus creates success. If you have ever watched a baby develop, you will notice that they tend to focus on one aspect of maturation at a time. At first they master suckling. Next they begin to differentiate the world, forming a sense of self and other. Soon there dexterity and strength are the focus as they learn to roll over and then crawl. At this point they focus on exploring their world both by crawling about and by gathering information about objects that they put in their mouth. Before long, the infant will begin to toddle and walk. Walking is the first step towards independence. In much the same way, Beacon Live is going to focus intently at each stage of our development until we can walk and then run. Please join us.


There are many models of learning in the pedagogical space today. Science has clearly demonstrated that we humans are very individual in our learning styles. Some of us excel in lectures. Others do best learning from a book. Many need to actually act out the material kinesthetically and perhaps most of us do best with a hybrid model.  We believe that by providing the appropriate resources, or even just by making our community aware of what is available, students can choose their own path to learning that is best for their unique style.


We believe that education is the great democratizer. It is through knowledge that we may affect both positive change in our societies and in ourselves. With the proliferation of internet connected devices it is becoming ever easier for all walks of life to access online educational resources. We would hope that we could play some small part in the dissemination of the empowerment through knowledge.


We hope to start publishing content with the start of the new year. Please check back soon and please share.